Basic Google Map - One marker

This is a basic Google map implementation with a custom marker. Everything is for you and this map can be created by calling a simple function.

createBasicMap(id, lat, long, markerImage);

Styled Google Map - One marker

An example of the styled Google map with a custom marker. You can easily replace the look by changin to another theme from Snazzy maps.

createSimpleMap(id, lat, long, markerImage);

Styled Google Map - Multiple markers with infobox

More complex implementation: data are loaded from a JSON file and custom infobox is used in this example. Again, everything's prepared for you.

$.getJSON(jsonFile).done(function (json) {
    map = createAdvancedMap(id, lat, long, json, markerImage);
.fail(function (jqxhr, textStatus, error) {